25 September 2012

Pet Supplements and Gluten

On a few lists I participate in recently some people have started this view that with various supplements, you can not use their human counterparts and have the same effect.
One of the most recent topics was on probiotics. The argument was that since pets (particularly dogs) have a different ph, that the supplements for humans won't survive to be broken down where they should be broken down.

I went to human products for Met and continued to do so for Thane for the primary reason that most pet supplements are very inferior and/ or filled with a lot more additives. Along the lines of probiotics, I watched problems that probiotics benefit for Met get much worse when I listened to the rubbish that only pet probiotics should be used.

Since the entrance of Thane, I have used very few pet based supplements. When queried recently about gluten status, not one of them even tests for gluten! I found this appalling with just how many animals are gluten sensitive. Perhaps if vets considered this first when they are presented with an itchy dog things might be different, but as it stands now animal supplement manufacturers are falling short of their responsibility in quality control for the well being of animals. I find this a travesty. Until manufacturers open their eyes and do the right thing, I will ALWAYS look to the human supplement industry when my animals need supplements.

Just because one doesn't believe their animal has an issue with gluten, does not mean it is not causing irreparable harm to their systems. There are people who believe that gluten free diets have their consequences- for sure they can when the manufacturers choose to use soy in the products instead. Soy is a hormone disruptor- most notably for thyroid and adrenal function.

Dogs and Cats though are carnivores! None of that junk should be going into their systems to begin with. They don't need grains They don't need plant matter, but many enjoy what is found in intestinal matter (tripe) It should be easy to provide gluten free products with these parameters. Of course the reality is, even gluten free products are not necessarily glutin free. Gluten free means zero gluten, not this gamet the FDA drums up to allow labeling as gluten free- but you already heard me vent about that one grin

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