12 March 2012

Beating Myself Up

We've had a setback here. My finances were beyond strained between Thane's diet, supplements, and veterinary costs. I was also having quite a difficult time fulfilling the diet needs to keep it nutritious. So I made the decision to try a limited ingredient diet that's been on the market about a year. The decision was a bad one that even my mom who is anti-raw felt he needed his diet changed back.

It broke my heart to see what I had done to him. He was losing weight but at first I just thought it was based on the lack of fatty meat and that the calories just needed adjusted. Then he got pretty dry which he had not been that dry since early Lyme treatment. His ears were getting yucky- you know the food allergy ear. I was already making the plans to switch back, but really needed to get my ducks in a row for how to provide him enough nutritional variety with some of the hideous changes going on at the primary store we shop at. No wonder so many people are so sick, with only highly seasoned enhanced food available for consuming.

The last blow came to his clear skin that had appeared to be well on its way to becoming a strong, protective organ once again. It began peeling away with the hair falling out with it.  As soon as I found this, the food went in the spare room and we headed to the stores we shop at in hopes of getting him some quality meats. We were able to get some usable options for now and I will place an order soon to Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow for more variety. With addition of an oil he tolerates, increased collagen supportive supplement doses and drying clothes without the de-humidifier to give him more moisture for healing, he should heal up alright.

Its such a hard lesson to learn- one that I can't believe I had to be reminded of in the first place. Thane will heal up, but I will probably feel a bit guilty for a while about setting his progress back like I did.