18 February 2012

We Are Celebrating!

The news we have been striving towards for nine long months is finally a reality! Thane is Lyme negative. That is music even to a deafblind gal's ears let me tell ya!

We have worked long and hard since Thane collapsed to bring this to an end and now that it is here, it is hard to describe how I feel.

I am thrilled for sure, but in the same breath I know that as long as he had Lyme, its inevitable that he has cyst form within him which could eventually cause relapse. The alternative supplements and approaches that have been part of his protocol should help. I am trying to hold onto that at least for today. Today is a time to celebrate. We celebrate today because I know had he not been diagnosed when he was, I would not have him in my life today. We will celebrate again though when his coat is full and beautiful again. Its growing and that is all that is important today. Well- not all- the big thing today is that we achieved what at times I felt may never happen. We achieved what for now I will call remission.

So what did we do today- we headed out in the rain/ sunshine/ heavy wind and ran some errands- doing something that any guide/ service dog team in the pacific northwest might be doing. Isn't it marvelous that we can do that without having to worry about the added stress on the immune system of the work/ Lyme combination!

Tomorrow, it'll be back to the drawing board re-evaluating supplements to be sure the right prevention protocol is in place when the few remaining days of antibiotics end.

Today though- isn't it just such a beautiful day! WE WON!

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  1. This is such wonderful news! I'm so glad I was able to follow your journey from lyme to remission. I hope you two have a long and healthy partnership from now on :)